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Good News/ Bad News: Tom: Tuesday Dinner

Tom Colicchio has served two meals so far (on the Tuesday debut two weeks ago and a surprise repeat performance that Wednesday) at his new experiment Tom: Tuesday Dinner, and already the pro critics, commenters, and user reviewers have weighed in. Tom is serving his second menu tonight (here later), and those lucky enough to have a resy or a spot on the waiting list can see what may be in store:

1) The Great News: Ryan Sutton is the first critic to weigh in after just one meal, and he has some good news: "Can the man still cook? The grub is pretty darn good. A stew of duck hearts (funky), cooked with bacon and paired with a bone marrow panini (oozy) spiked with aromatic white truffles could be the best-ever reinvention of the soup-and-sandwich...This is what Craft is famous for -- straightforward flavors, intensified. A slab of salty lamb bacon topped heady lamb loin. Warm, crispy cubes of pork belly crowned a cool terrine of pork. Too rich? A Riesling cut the fat." [Bloomberg]

2) The Mostly Good News: The Eater commenter to chime in is impressed with most, but not all, of the food: "Very subtle and nuanced food. Was not a fan of the squab or the black risotto, but did love the gnocchi, the lamb, the sturgeon, and the sea bass. Also loved the amuse bouche: aside from the fig, there was also a mini-panini of bone marrow and white truffle, which was delectable. Desserts were a bit ordinary: the chocolate served five ways lacked imagination, and the concord grape soda was not interesting. Wine selection, however, was excellent..." [Eater Comments]

3) The Incredibly Good News: Forbes had an opening night rave for the place, though it's unclear if they ate the food: "Colicchio is clearly making room for artistry in his cooking again. Consider his black risotto course with its grilled squid stuffed with a fragrant thatch of herbs and Italian kale sitting in a squid-ink risotto made with cocoa nibs.

4) The Mostly Good News: A commenter on Grub Street gives it a 7.5 out of 10: "I ate there last night...I thought the food was great, a solid 7.5 on a scale of 1-10. The duck heart amuse was incredible and smokey, and there are other similar home-style touches throughout. For me, the winner was a squab with licorice skin with honey-caramelized onions...Tom looked relaxed and in a good mood and it's simply a great room to dine in with an amazing kitchen to watch from." [GS]

5) The Ok News: From another Grub Street commenter: "I ate there on Tuesday. Food was really damn good - but not amazing. There were some misses, but it was the kind you find when someone is trying for something - yearning for a new taste or idea. The wine pairings were amazing, as was the service and atmosphere..." [GS]

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