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EaterWire: Dine with Wine, Murray's Salami, and a Call for More Salt

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GREENWICH VILLAGE— As a way to raise money for the Food Bank for New York City, a number of Greenwich Village restaurants including Elettaria, 8th Street Wine Cellar, and Cho Cho San, are offerings half priced wine on Monday with dinner. Not the most straight forward way to raise money, but we'll take it. [Village Alliance]

GRAND CENTRAL— We hear via a press release that Murray's Cheese's new sister shop Murray's Real Salami will be opening sometime next week in Grand Central: "The shop's selection of goods will also include items previously unavailable in New York City, such as Creminelli's Salame Barolo and Salame Tartufo, Vermont Smoke & Cure's Hot Dogs, and Larchmont's Spicy Beef Salami and Pork Saucisson." [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO— For all New York chefs who don't have salt on their tables, San Franciso restaurant critic Michael Bauer makes an excellent point: "Personal preferences aside, salt is such a staple on the table that removing it sends a negative message. For one, it smacks of arrogance on the part of the chef. This implies that the chef knows what's best, and the customer should accept it." [Between Meals via Eater SF]