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Eater Inside: BarBao

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Krieger, 10/23/08

Above we have the expansive BarBao, chef Michael Huynh's newest project after leaving the acclaimed Bao 111 and Soho's troubled Bun. We should start off by noting the space, which formerly held the 12 year-old restaurant Rain, is huge and with the revamp, turned out to be quite the looker. As mentioned when we got the floorplans, it has 78 dining room seats, 69 seats in the two lounges and bar, and a private dining room.

As for the food, the menu is separated into small plates, noodles, "big plates," and sides, and Huynh's followers have already checked in with some raves (Gael Greene has been twice in the week it's been open). Regarding Huynh's past as being flighty and irresponsible, the owners tell Greene that they've had experienced with bad boys in the past—Alex Garcia, Rocco—and think they'll be fine. More reading here and here.

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