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Two is a Trend: An NYC Yakitori Moment

One of the smaller but still notable openings this fall, Mr. Jones, was touted as a sleek spot bringing yakitori and cocktails to 14th Street. And even though it is still in a nebulous state of opening (the plywood is still up but people are apparently eating and paying for dinner), AMNY named it the best yakitori in the city. Curious.

Just yesterday we received a press released informing us that Chelsea's Izakaya Ten was launching a new yakitori menu, and today we have the above plywood shots for 227 Mott St. This place was formerly a yakitori bar when it closed "for renovations" a few months ago, but the new iteration Daruma, possibly under new management, is a vast improvement at least aesthetically and looks like a more serious undertaking. Could they be sprucing up to be part of a burgeoning yakitori moment? Either way, they should take note: the chances of either place dethroning the much vaunted Yakitori Totto are oh, about 40,000 to 1.
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