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Eater Inside: Almond

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Krieger, 10/23/08

This pretty gal we have right here is Almond, a 170-seat Manhattan branch of Eric Lemonides' and Jason Weiner's restaurant out in Bridgehampton, opened earlier this week in the old Borough Food & Drink space. They kept Borough's pool table in the back, but the overall design is a departure from its predecessor. The wall are brighter and lined with subway tiles; the wood floor is reportedly reclaimed from New Hampshire and Vermont.

But what will really determine the success of this place— Jeffrey Chodorow is leasing and has experienced a notoriously high number of turnovers before this latest opening— is the food, price point, and whether, combined, they're right for attracting enough people to the large Flatiron space. For his part Leominides has said the comforting nature of their classic French/American bistro menu is perfect for economic climate. More reading here.

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