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Deal Watch: No Line at John's 1908 Prices Day

In the past when classic restaurants have held a "rolling back the prices" day (see Barney Greengrass) or straight up free food days (see AQ Kafe, 16 Handles) the lines have been phenomenally long. Not so today at John's, the East 12th Street restaurant celebrating their 100th anniversary by rolling back the prices to what they imagined they were in 1908. A correspondent on the scene tells us there was no line from 11 - 1:30, and a reader (who ended up spending $9 for four people) confirms:

"Just got back from lunch with some co-workers at John's of 12th St, where they're rolling back the prices to 1908 levels until 4 PM today. Surprisingly there was zero wait- lots of tables were open and our party of four got a prime booth. I shudder to think how long the line would have been if this was Midtown, not the village! Here's the rundown:

5 Glasses of Cabernet: $2.50
Meatball appetizer: $0.50
2 Bruschetta appetizers: $0.50
2 Veal Parms: $1.90
2 Chicken Parms: $1.50
4 Tortoni (dessert): $1.00

Tax: $0.67

We left 5 dollars a person, and felt generous leaving a tip of well
over 100%. Incredible! Simply incredible."

East Villagers, you have two hours left for $2.50 glasses of wine and $.50 meatballs.
— photo: Helen Hollyman