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Disaster Report: Elizabeth St. Fire Shutters Lovely Day

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A tipster wrote in this morning informing us that Lovely Day was damaged by the epic fire on Elizabeth Street last night and that the door had been busted down by firefighters trying to get to upper floors of the building. Blackbook confirms the damage report and provides additional details:

"Elizabeth Street hang Lovely Day was severely damaged yesterday from smoke and water as firefighters fought a stubborn fire on the top floor of the building it lived in. The blaze, photographed from the roof of the nearby Gawker offices, injured five.
The whole neighborhood turned out and watched as flames shot 20 feet in the air...Lets hope when the sun comes up the damage wont be all that bad, and we’ll all have a lovely day once more."
We second that. Since the fire was in the building but not in the actual restaurant, it's possible that they just have some cleaning up to do (and a new door to buy).
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