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First, Second, Third and Fourth Looks at Aspen Social Club

Aspen Social Club, the new Times Square spot from the folks behind Amalia, opens for drinks tonight and will open as a full service restaurant on Tuesday. Luckily for those hungry to see photos of the lounge, a number of sites got their hands on the very first, "FIRST LOOK" photos. Besides the preview pictures released the other day, it appears that Thrillist actually had the first shots of the place in their email sent at 4:03 this morning. They, for the record, don't tout their pictures as the first. But if that's not sufficient, we have these runners up:

· FIRST LOOK 12:19 PM: Clocking in at 12:19 p.m. today, we have an email from RareDaily titled, "First Look at Aspen Social Club," linking to this gallery containing, for the most part, photos of chairs.

· FIRST LOOK 12:37 PM: Guest of a Guest's "Aspen Social Club: Our First Look...and Taste" (nice use of "our") was posted at 12:37 p.m.

· FIRST LOOK 12:45 PM: That was followed closely by Grub Street's "A First Look at Aspen Social Club and Mother of All Chandeliers," (which was the latest but by far the most comprehensive post) published at 12:45 p.m.

Now we're just waiting for the late afternoon Urban Daddy missive to arrive in the old inbox, and perhaps a post from BlackBook and, less likely, The Feed Bag, to see how they're framing the story.
· Buena Vista Aspen Club [Thrillist]
· First Look at Aspen Social Club [RD]
· Aspen Social Club: Our First Look? And Taste [GoaG]
· A First Look at Aspen Social Club and the Mother of All Antler Chandeliers [Grub Street]
— photo courtesy of Thrillist