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EaterWire: Rice to Riches Reno, Iuzzini's Bar, Hautenuts, and More

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NOLITA— A renovation report coming in from Nolita. The neighborhood's favorite rice pudding shop, Rice to Riches is undergoing a renovation. According to signage they'll be opening back up again on Thursday. [EaterWire]

IUZZINI— Grub Street reports that Jean Georges' pastry maven Johnny Iuzzini plans to open up his own bar and that his dessert gig at JG may be his last: "Jean-Georges reportedly knows Iuzzini has been bartending part-time at an undisclosed location...No word yet on how soon we can expect Iuzzini’s new project, but we’re told he's working with a partner and getting counsel from friend Sam Mason." [GS]

UPPER EAST SIDE— According to some tipster reports (with photographic evidence), the Upper East Side's restaurant and bar Vespa has been closed for the last week or so for operating without a permit. [EaterWire]

DONUTS— Meanwhile, Serious Eats has coined a new term: "I'm coining a new term: 'hautenuts' = fancy ass donuts." [SE]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Steve Shaw a.k.a. Fat Guy, held a party last night at Kampuchea for the launch of his book "Asian Dining Rules." Notable food types in attendance and heavily photographed: Jeffery Steingarten, Alan Richman, John Mariani, Ed Levine, Danny Meyer, Tom Colicchio, Steve Cuozzo, Kate Krader. [EaterWire]

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