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NYC Wine & Food 08: Previewing Emile Castillo's Burger Joint Burger

The biggest event of the New York Wine and Food Fest is hands down the great Burger Bash. To get everyone appropriately pumped, we'll be interviewing the top contenders about their burgers, giving the odds on who we think will prevail, and oh, we'll be giving away two tickets. Stay tuned for your chance to go.

2008_10_Emille-Castillo.jpgBurger Maker: Emile Castillo, Burger Joint

What's your strategy this year? To make sure we are staffed properly and that nobody has to wait for our burger! The more we serve, the better chance we have at winning.

What have you learned from the previous Burger Bash competitions? Last year was our first time participating in the SOBE Food & Wine festival. I think that practice helped us for this festival. We know we need more staffing and a different presentation manner.

And what will that presentation manner be? Instead of serving on paper plates that the festival gives, it will be presented in a more "on brand" way. (Ed: at the Burger Joint they serve burgers wrapped in heavy duty wax paper.)

What will you be serving? (any accompaniments?) We'll be serving up our fantastic french fries.

What makes a perfect burger? Great meat and the ratio between fat/lean.

What is that ratio and what is the makeup of your burger? No seasoning. Just ground chuck with a ratio of 80% lean and 20% fat. The other secret is the way we grind our meat.

Plain? Of course not. We will be serving our cheese burger with the "works."

Who are you worried about in the competition? Which is the burger to beat? We're pretty confident in our burger and the fact that we're here in our home turf gives all the more advantage.

If you couldn't eat a Burger Joint Burger, what burger would you eat? If it's not Burger Joint then it would be my home kitchen! I'm particular.
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