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2008_06_nywff.jpgCheck out this space all week for chances to instantly win free tickets to the 2008 NYC Wine & Food Festival, which takes over New York in less than 10 days. Right this second, we're giving away a pair of comps to The Waiter Rant Book Reading, a session with the waiter cum blogger cum book author, Steve Dublanica. More: "From the prize-winning blogger of the hugely popular website, comes a hilarious look at what waiters endure everyday. Come hear author Steve Dublanica reveal the secrets behind getting good service and share the guidelines of tipping, cell phone etiquette, handling unruly children and getting reservations on busiest night of the year. For anyone that has ever eaten in a restaurant or been a waiter themselves, WAITER RANT is the definitive look at the dining-out experience from the person who has seen it all." These tickets go to the first person to email us the name of the restaurant where Dublanica worked. Contest boilerplate language here. No purchase necessary. Please don't enter if you can't attend. Blah blah stop reading and email. Update: And we have a winner. Dublanica worked at Laterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack.