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Great Moments in Burger

2008_10_bobo_burger.jpgAndrew Knowlton files on—gushes about, wets himself over—Patrick Connolly's new burger at the West Village kinda-bougie, kinda-bohemian restaurant, Bobo. Check it: "Connolly takes D'Artagnan ground beef (80/20 ratio of lean to fat) mixes it with salt and pepper, minced shallots, and a bit of olive oil. The burger is first seared on the griddle and then finished in the oven. To the bottom half of a Balthazar bun, he layers leeks pickled in Champagne vinegar and simple syrup. Gruyere cheese is melted on the burger and fried leeks are piled on top. The bobu, despite its silly name, is the finest burger I've eaten in a long time." [BA Foodist; previously]

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