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Eater Inside: Motorino

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Krieger, 10/13/08

Williamsburg: Yesterday afternoon, Motorino, a new brick oven pizza/antipasti joint from an alum of Bouley and BLT Fish, opened on stretch of Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg devoid of serious restaurants. That part of the neighborhood has its slice joints, its red sauce Italian, and its cheap burrito and sushi places, but this is the first arrival to the nabe we've noticed actual excitement about. And given they hired some pro PR, the restaurant was the first area newcomer to get some pre-opening buzz courtesy of the Robs, Thrillist, and Slice.

That buzz, however, led to some opening night snafus, as the restaurant began turning away customers at 8:30 p.m. last night and told already-seated customers they were out of dough and about half of the remaining menu items. Not the best opener, but it happens. We'll wait for Slice and the others to weigh in on the viability of the pie once they've got their dough situation back on the rails.


510 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10024 (917) 675-7581 Visit Website

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