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Deathwatch: Shutter Rumors Swirl Around Upstairs, Fr.og, Origine

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Looks like Origine, the doomed and only five month-old project from the double deathwatched Fr.og could finally be doneski. From a DBTH report on the rumored closing of Soho's Upstairs: "According to our commenters, the Upstairs team is 'moving it down the block to fr.og and changing the name'. This means that Origine, which was Zev Norotsky project, obviously didn't pan out so good. Sigh." If the rumormongering turns out to be correct, this could mean the end to the sad saga at Fr.og, or more likely, it will this just be the third concept for their low slung basement. Officials for the restaurant say it's the first they've heard of any changes.
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