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Eater Inside: Obika

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The hotly anticipated New York outpost of Italian mozzarella bar Obika is finally open in the IBM atrium on Madison and 56th after almost a year of delays. Yesterday, they purportedly ran out of food by 1 p.m., and today, the place was already a mad house by 12:30. Click through for a look at the space during the calm, and later, during a serious lunch rush. A word to people of Midtown: give the mozz bar some room to breathe. More obsessive coverage here and here.
UPDATE: From a correspondent on the scene: "It was a total shitshow. I waited 30 min for sliced meat and a ball of mozarella. One customer left after waiting 30 minutes. It was a huge ball, and it was only 11 dollars for that and bresaola, so I dunno what quality it is. It was dry, not juicy and soft."

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