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NYWFF Wire: The Wild Edibles Protest

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We received the copious press releases over the last week announcing the protest against Terrance Brennan's appearance at the NYWFF event "The Line at Le Cirque". (Apparently he said he would boycott embattled seafood purveyor Wild Edibles but hasn't.) But we didn't know until yesterday the scale of the operation. There were three protestors. Three. As Sirio Maccioni, Michael Lomonaco, Geoffrey Zakarian, Terrance Brennan, and Dana Cowin discussed the history and legendary tales of Le Cirque, the three protesters banged against the glass doors and chanted through megaphones. We do, however, have to give them some cred for creative signage (right). UPDATE: While our corespondent only spotted three protesters upon entering the panel, according to someone on the scene, there were at least 15. [NYWFFWire]

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