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NYCWFF: Schrager Catches Katie Lee Joel's Back

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2008_10_katieleejoel.jpgThere's been some talk around the festival this weekend of Katie Lee Joel's Burger Bash victory. Her detractors say a patty melt does not a burger make. Lee Schrager says: "Having personally eaten about 200 of Katie's Logan County Burgers since we became friends years ago, I feel I can answer this fairly. Although, I agree there were lots of great Burgers at the Bash, nobody worked the crowd of 1500 like Katie Lee. Not only did she ask for your vote, at every opportunity, she came around the table, took photos, signed autographs. I must say, had either of my favs done the same, they may have won! Katie did exactly what we asked all chefs to do—ask for the vote!!!! Tell all the spoiled sports, 2009 is another year. In closing, this was a peoples' choice award, and the people of NY have spoken—or texted!" [SchragWire]

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