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BREAKING Top Cheffage: Season 5 Contestants NAMED

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Bravo has just announced its roster of 17 cheftestants for the upcoming fifth season of Top Chef. Of course Bravo won't pony up the last names, but the first names, ages, and locations (and restaurants) are enough to give us plenty of solid confirms. We can say no question that the following previously outed cheftestants made it onto the show: Leah Cohen from Centro Vinoteca, Patrick Dunlea from CIA's Hyde Park Campus, Radhika Desai of Between in Chicago, Fabio Viviani from Cafe Firenze in Moorpark, Ca, Hosea Rosenberg from Jax in Boulder, Jeff McInnis from South Beach's DiLido Beach Club, Stefan Richter from Los Angeles, Jamie Lauren from SF's Absinthe, Alex Eusebio of LA's Restaurant 15, and Jill Snyder of Baltimore's Red Maple.

Now, that's practically all of our outed cheftestants (the only one who we're about 95% sure on is Danny Gagnon). But of course there are a few we didn't out over the summer. Here's the entire Bravo list:

· Alex, 33; hometown: New York
· Ariane, 41; hometown: Verona, N.J.
· Carla, 44; hometown: Nashville
· Danny, 26; hometown: New Hyde Park, N.Y.
· Fabio, 30; hometown: Florence, Italy
· Gene, 33; hometown: Whitmore Village, Hawaii
· Hosea, 34; hometown: Taos, N. M.
· Jamie, 30; hometown: New York
· Jeff, 33; hometown: Niceville, Fla.
· Jill, 28; hometown: Latrobe, Pa.
· Lauren, 24; hometown: Cincinnati
· Leah, 27; hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.
· Melissa, 28; hometown: Maryland
· Patrick, 21; hometown: Quincy, Mass.
· Radhika, 28; hometown: Chicago
· Richard, 27; hometown: Long Island
· Stefan, 35; hometown: Tampere, Finland
And in other, incredibly less exciting news, Bravo has replaced the traitor Ted Allen (he now has a Food Network show) with the food critic and author of How to Lose Friends and Alientate People, Toby Young.
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