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EaterWire: Cheung Leaves Glazier Group, Whitney Port at Delicatessen, Artichoke Gets Beer, and More

EAST VILLAGE— A tip over the ArtichokeWire: "The 'DRAFT BEER' in the window is no longer a cruel hoax. Draft Bud and Bud Light in 32-oz cups ONLY ($5.50 per). Seems like a curious size choice for a slice joint with 0 seats, one you're usually waiting outside of due to cramped confines and overflow crowds. Still, if the cups aren't see-through, the po-po should be none the wiser." [EaterWire]

SOHO— A tipster spots the Hills' Whitney Port filming her upcoming reality show, said to be called "The City." It's no Gossip Girl shoot, but it sounds right up Delicatessen's alley. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE— Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton declares a new generation of wine bars, one "defined by eclectic lists, first-rate food, and owners who want to please (not intimidate) the clientele." He then lists his top ten wine bars in the country; number one on the list? None other than the East Village's Terroir. [BA via Eater SF]

MIDTOWN— Bret Thorn has an update on Chris Cheung, the chef at Monkey Bar until it was sold to Graydon Carter in August. He's left the Glazier Group, is joining a new restaurant group in December, and plans on visiting Shanghai for the next two months. [NRN]

MIDTOWN— All day long on October 21, Foley's NY Pub & Restaurant at 18 West 33rd will celebrate "Toots Shore Day." There is a documentary involved and a tribute band but here's what matters to you: they'll be serving menu items from Toots Shor's saloon at 1958 prices. Lobster bisque will be $1, Sirloin Steak will be $8, and so on and so forth. [EaterWire]

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