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Resuscitation #2: Coffee Shop Taking Over Good Dog Space, Its Horror Show Awning

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By way of preface, can we just say that if business has an easier time installing an enormous plastic dog eye sore on its awning than it does putting a few microbrews on its menu, we're in for some tough times ahead. Now then, you'll recall that there once was a hot dog stand on St. Marks called Good Dog. Said hot dog stand closed recently, about one payroll cycle after it opened. And now, resuscitation: "the above on a city block than a I walked by the Good Dog on St. Marks this morning. (Remember? That ill fated hot dog concept whose signage was just about the only notable aspect of the place.) I was surprised to see that the newspaper had been removed from the windows and the giant dog sign remained intact, as shown in the attached picture. A gentleman was enjoying a beverage at a table inside and when I asked him what was going on he indicated that it will reopen as a coffee shop soon. Perhaps they will consider the American-Go-Go-Curry-Grill approach and peddle chili cheese coneys alongside lattes? Watch out, PDT."

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