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EaterWire: Delays at Zeppelin, Ground Breaks at Union Square Park

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GREENWICH VILLAGE—Delays continue to plague Zeppelin, the forthcoming surefire hit from Jason Kosmas, Dushan Zaric and their Employees Only team on West 9th Street. Though the lease is signed, the gents haven't been given access to the space yet, which, indeed, can get in the way of a build-out. Reached via phone this evening, Jason tells us they're still very much intent on opening Zeppelin—here or elsewhere—and that their lawyers are doing their best to sort this out. New official projected opening date: September 2008. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—Per the above, ground has been broken, at least Luna Park has been broken, in preparation for the overhaul of the northern end of the park. Speculation, makes a good case for Danny Meyer's involvement, but we'll have to wait and see. [EaterWire]

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