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Eater Inside: Bar Boulud

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Kalina, 1/4/07.

When Daniel Boulud says he's going to do something—say, go duck hunting or open a restaurant—the man tends to get it right. Because on such matters, few are masters of detail and presentation like the Boulud is. While this is his first New York restaurant opening in several years, the early indicators at Bar Boulud (which opens to the public today) suggest that the chef hasn't lost his touch. Here, the game plan is an extensive wine program with its own custom tasting table (above), one of the most elaborate charcuterie programs in the country, and excellent bistro fare. All across from Lincoln Center, in a neighborhood that, with all due respect to Fiorello's next door, doesn't have another place such as this.

Further reading on the Bar Boulud's stealth opening maneuvers and some early shenanigans.

Bar Boulud, down the length of the main dining room. Kalina, 1/4/07.

Bar Boulud

1900 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10023 (212) 595-0303 Visit Website