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EaterWire: Bobo Gets a New Chef, Two, Actually

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WEST VILLAGEBobo, the restaurant that took the 2007 honors for place with the biggest discrepancy between decor—excellent—and food—mediocre on a good night—has a new chef (the opening chef, Nicolas Cantrel, has left, recall). Two, actually. They're just a few days in, but Rick Jakobson, the chef that most recently was at Red Hook's 360, and also has Bouley and Daniel on his CV, is running the show on a semi-temporary basis. He's working in tandem with Jared Stafford-Hill (formerly chef de cuisine at Hearth), who, if the plan holds, will have the show to himself in a couple of months time. In a signal that the restaurant is going to be taking the kitchen a bit more seriously moving forward, Stafford-Hill is also over seeing a modest refitting of the kitchen space; plus, there's a new pastry chef with Robuchon on her resume in the works. Says Bobo proprietor, Carlos Suarez, the move will get Bobo back to where it originally wanted to be, focused on a market driven, more seasonal, more elegant menu. Menus and such to come. File under wait-and-see. [EaterWire]

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