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Shuttered Sapore Not Going Quietly into the Night

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2008_01_greed.jpgSmall crowds have been gathering outside shuttered West Village Ital Sapore to pay their respects, read the owner's farewell note (thick excerpt below) and, in some cases, express their discontent over yet another little guy being pushed out. There is a minor incident brewing here, maybe, such as the storefront defacing in progress (right). Plus, attention restaurateurs, here's how you write a farewell note:

Attention Sapore Customers

When I say customers, after ten years of wonderful business and memories, what I should really be saying is Sapore family.

I can not express enough what Sapore has meat to me and my family, I thank all of the great people we have met throughout the years for all the support you have given us. Unfortunately after ten years of being in business my landlord (Bill Gottleib) would not negotiate a lease renewal. This has been a beautiful journey and experience, which I owe t oyou the Sapore family. I will keep in touch with all of you via email with any changes or reopening at a new location in the future...

· The Shutter: Sapore...has lost its lease [~E~]

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