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Hangover Observations: Bar Boulud Opening Party

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Last night Daniel Boulud welcomed friends and other assorted people to Bar Boulud for a celebration to mark the opening of the restaurant (1/8, to the public). Now, D-Biggity may not have opened a restaurant in New York in recent years, but don't think for one second Chef has forgotten how to put out a spread. This was a serious party, let's be clear, from the handy guide to the party (below) given out on the way in, to the gargantuan charcuterie spread that lined an entire downstairs dining room. Some observations.

1) Nice call, DB, on wearing the chef coat versus a suit. This is your restaurant, where you cook. We totally get it.

2) Levine may have snapped, but he's right this restaurant is something to behold. Day one, it's only second fiddle to Jean Georges for pre-theatre.

3) Interesting crowd, this. Gail Simmons, Gael Greene, 100 Daniel VIPs, the guy from Ssam Bar, the guy from Spotted Pig.

The map and guide provided on entry; Chef Boulud suggets that you begin on the lower level, scope the private dining rooms, then head through the kitchen and make your way upstairs.

4) This map (above) came in handy. What came in more handy was the Bar-branded wine holder, plate-attachable, that ensured that wine consumption would not be interrupted by charcuterie consumption (of which there were 50-plus varieties). Or vice versa.


5) One thing not really mentioned in the press thus far is this wine tasting table (above), which is quite a nice touch. We'd have lingered here longer were it not for the fact there was the pressing matter of the cheese tasting; and then the important business of an introduction to Maitre D' Carrie Sumner. The restaurant is going to be packed to the gills; you're going to need to win her favor.

8:30 PM, full house

Bar Boulud

1900 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10023 (212) 595-0303 Visit Website

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