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Deathwatch: Suba

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Suba. Suba, Suba, Suba. Subaduba. The problem with this restaurant, owned by Yann de Rochefort and cheffed by Seamus Mullen, who each do the same at the hugely successful Boqueria, is not its two stars. It's also not the mostly subterranean digs or the menu, really—although the first doesn't help. It's that people haven't come around to seeing Ludlow between Rivington and Delancey, Suba's home, as an eating destination. As a result, the Spanish restaurant has had to work very hard to get customers in—exhibits A, B, and C—and our spot inspections indicate none of it is working to fill the rather large space. The final decisive blow for Suba that the restaurant is too far from Boqueria to benefit from its spectacular run-off. Given the fact it has already gone through one major overhaul, that's not so much an option. The more likely scenario this time around will be for de Rochefort to sell his lease and get out of dodge. Over/Under: Summer 2008.

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