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EaterWire: New and Improved Shake Shack Back from Winter Recess

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Eater Flickr Pool/Kathryn

So as to put your life and Danny Meyer's in perspective, while you (we) were out boozing your (our) New Year's away, the Shake Shack took a quick nap and made some capital improvements. First things first: The Shack reopens today at 11:30 (reminder: call ahead). More importantly for your longterm Shack pleasure, construction (above) for new heaters is underway and should be complete by the end of next week. Here's the official Camp Meyer explanation of what you're looking at here:

"This photo is of the trenches they are digging for the outdoor heaters we're installing. We expect the project to be completed middle to end of next week. There will be eight heaters in the Winter Garden to warm our guests while they eat and four heaters on the shack to warm our guests while they order and wait.
The trenches they are digging for outdoor heaters. Trenches. Heaters. Guests. They don't sleep over there at USHG, do they?
· Shake Shack Now Accepting Orders By Phone [~E~]

Bonus Shack Menu Update: "All winter, we'll have a "Hot Vanilla" joining the menu in addition to the Hot Chocolate. The Hot Vanilla is actually Frozen Custard made through our regular custard process, which is then melted and reheated."