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Interactive Bonus Time: Name that 'High-priced Steakhouse'

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My girlfriend and I, a few weeks ago, went to go have a meal at a high-priced, fancy steakhouse in the meat packing district. Despite the fact that we found the food to be extremely mediocre when compared to the prices we were paying, the atmosphere was nice enough-- however, standing in line to the bathroom, we saw NO chefs, just "workers in the kitchen" dropping steaks onto broilers. Beyond that, we also watched someone in the kitchen prepare a dessert tray, right in the same space as they were preparing everything else, and on the SAME surface used to prepare desserts, we watched the worker take a bucket, from the floor, put it right down, and start shucking clams. The clam juice, naturally, was splashing all over the dessert next to it...

Care to guess which restaurant this was?
Over to you, readers. There are so many options to choose from, which is what we like about this exercise. The primary suspects: STK, Craftsteak, Old Homestead and Frank's. To the comments we go.
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