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EaterWire: Michael Bao Huynh Back at Bun, Mai House

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SOHO/TRIBECA—The official word comes in this morning that yesterday's reports of Michael "Bao" Huynh having departed both Bun and Mai House were inaccurate. According to Sam Firer, spokesperson for Bun, "Michael came back from Vietnam last night and he's more than a little shocked by his rumored departure from his restaurants. Rumor is false and whoever started it probably had malicious intent." While Bret Thorn's inquiries to Bun and Mai House help to confirm this statement as being technically accurate, Firer allows that Huynh has been in Vietnam for the last "4-5 weeks," which is to say that he hasn't been anywhere near either of the New York restaurants in at least that long. So, Michael Huynh remains, technically, the executive chef at both restaurants. Practically speaking, seems he might as well be gone. [EaterWire]