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Drying of NYC

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2007_01_beer_table.jpg Beer Table in Park Slope will soon, finally, get to open its doors, the venue having been delayed for months by an Liquor Authority backlog: "While [Beer Table owners] the Philipses, both 29, try to remain optimistic about starting their first business, they already have lost a lot of sleep and, more important, money, so much that they say they are struggling to pay next month’s rent...A spokesman for the Liquor Authority, William Crowley, said that there is a two-year backlog in the area that includes New York City and that a six-month wait is not unusual. Still, Mr. Crowley said, “it’s longer than what we’re trying to work for.” For now, Mr. Philips is supplementing his wife’s salary as a teacher at St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf in Crown Heights by working as a salesman at a gourmet market across the street from the bar...The drama is not over. But on Thursday the Philipses learned that they have been conditionally approved for a license by the Liquor Authority. They hope to open next Saturday. [NYT; previously]

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