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Crime Scenes

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2008_01_crime_scene.jpgIn the East Village, instead of one bar closing, Crime Scene, two are. Crime Scene, at 310 Bowery is keeping its name, but taking on the cheesy velvet rope atmosphere of Mannahatta, its neighbor at 316 Bowery until the latter recently shutterd. While the name of 310 Bowery will remain Crime Scene, the owners are going to attempt get on the velvet rope train by exporting Mannahatta's staff and couches: "Expect all your favorite New York hot spot policies to be in full effect: List-only access, table reservations and bottle service highly recommended (if not straight-up required), and--just in case you didn't get the memo about the Bowery becoming the new Meatpacking District--groups of dudes arriving without a good ratio of hot girls need not apply." [Imbible]