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Adam Platt files a twofer this week, awarding two stars to Bar Blanc and an unfortunate goose egg to Brasserie 44. On Bar Blanc: The menu at Bar Blanc is as small as the space (there are only four appetizers), and just as showy...But these pyrotechnics rarely go horribly wrong at Bar Blanc, and when they work, the cooking is comparable to that of a much larger, more ambitious restaurant. The three house pastas (particularly a wheel of lasagne made with minced lamb, and a bowl of orecchiette with braised rabbit) are worth the price of admission..." And on Brasserie 44: "So far there’s not much buzz here. Maybe it’s the space, the drabness of which is compounded by the flat, dimly lit lobby. Or maybe it’s the menu, which is a mishmash of familiar though capably reproduced Greenmarket and bistro staples." [NYM]

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