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Eater Complaints Dept. IMterview: Ssamless at Ssam Bar

Here now, by special arrangement, an edition of the Eater Complaints Dept. via IMterview. The subject: Momofuku Ssam Bar.


Eater Complaints Dept.: go
EVil Veggie: how are you? fine? good.
EVil Veggie: so
EVil Veggie: just popped over to ssam bar to get a braised tofu ssam
EVil Veggie: walked in, and you cant walk up to the counter and order anymore
EVil Veggie: it's all waitress service
EVil Veggie: a bad sign, i thought
EVil Veggie: so they guy seats me, and i just say i want something to go, and he says no problem, the waitress can just take my order
EVil Veggie: so he hands me a menu
EVil Veggie: and i'm looking for my braised tofu ssam
EVil Veggie: except
EVil Veggie: they have bi bim bop bowls that "have all the same stuff inside" per the waitress
EVil Veggie: note: $14
EVil Veggie: menu on website still reflects old ways
Eater Complaints Dept.: you're saying there's a problem here
EVil Veggie: well
EVil Veggie: is it not called momofuku SSAM bar?
EVil Veggie: anyway, i'm now way more anti-chang than i was before
Eater Complaints Dept.: do they not serve bo SSAM?

EVil Veggie: that is all
EVil Veggie: is that the $200 pork thing?
EVil Veggie: all i'm saying is that my charming neighborhood asian burrito place has dropped burritos
Eater Complaints Dept.: noted
Eater Complaints Dept.: you've been assigned a case number and it is #3342. use this to track your complaint in the future.
EVil Veggie: conceived as a burrito place, now burrito free
Eater Complaints Dept.: you should be careful talking like this
Eater Complaints Dept.: remember the cobra kai/the Ssam Bar mantra: “Strike First, Strike Hard, Show No Mercy”
EVil Veggie: or, "Fuck Vegetarians"

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

207 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 254-3500 Visit Website