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Eater Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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Let's recap the highlights of the most active comment week in Eater history, shall we?

1) Top Chef Chicago to Feature 7 NYC Chefs (37 Comments)
"I believe this may qualify for the usage of the phrase 'unmitigated shitshow.'"
2) Bruni Fallout: GM Fired from Mesa Grill (33 Comments)
"At least that waitress was honest. I am tired of restaurants that trot out every single ingredient in a dish just to impress diners. Simple is better."
3) Shock Claim: Florent Restaurant to Close this Year? (30 Comments)
"Florent rocks, it is everything Pastis, the Balth, and the Odeon have always wanted to be: A French bistro owned by a French person."

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