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In Sum: This Week in Bluefin Tuna

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Much in the way that the Chicago foie gras ban or any mention of trans fat regulation sends chefs, industry types and interested parties into a tizzy, so, too, has the current killer food discourse on mercury levels in blue fin tuna. It started with the Times A1 story on Wednesday about alarmingly high levels of mercury in sushi found across the city, then splintered into two debates: 1) How accurate was the report? (answer: very); and 2) Is the mercury really so harmful as to warrant sounding the alarm, and should we be scared of eating blue fin tuna?

At a table of chefs and insiders last night, the answers we overheard were, respectively, yes and hell no. But, to each his own. One should find an answer to these questions and settle on a plan that suits your blue fin cravings. Below, the further reading you need to be satisfied, whether you're never eating the stuff again, or you're about to spend the weekend on a sushi binge.
· The Danger of Not Eating Tuna [Time]
· Would You Like Mercury With Your Sushi? [Newsweek]
· Fish Lobby Responds to Bluefin Mercury Scare [~E~]
· National Study Finds High Levels of Mercury in Tuna [NYT]
· High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi [NYT]

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