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Resurrection: InnLW12 Drops Food, Becomes Canoe Club

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Jeffrey Jah finally came to his senses and dropped the food at The InnLW12, his short-lived Canadian restaurant concept across the street from Pastis. It shuttered last week for 'renovations,' and has now been reopened as Canoe Club (at The Inn LW12, keeping the previous name so that the liquor license stays valid, one might wager). The Canoe Club had been the affected name given to one of the rooms at the restaurant, but now it's the main show. You are cordially invited: "Please join us for drinks full of cheer, every night at THE CANOE CLUB at The Inn LW12...From your local Inn Keepers Jeffrey Jah, Lyman Carter & Phil Jalbert..." Local inn keepers, see. Forget about what the State Liquor Authority has to say about this, we like the move. Should have been a faux-local filling station from the start.
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