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EaterWire: Ripert Taps Exec for Philly, McDonald's Update, and More!

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PHILLYEric Ripert has named Le Bern sous Jennifer Carroll the executive chef of his new restaurant 10 Arts, slated to open in Philadelphia in May in the same building that houses the Philly Ritz-Carlton. More: "After a year downtown at the late Avenue B, she escaped to San Francisco, where she worked at restaurants Julia (now closed) and Café Kati. She's sous chef at Le Bernardin, basically the No. 3 in one of the top-rated kitchens in North America...Ripert told me that he sensed she was ready to head her own kitchen in January 2007 at her annual review." [Food & Drinq]

PARK SLOPEOko, Park Slope's favorite frozen yogurt joint, is now doing delivery. [EaterWire]

PLAYLAND—Here now, another of our regular Eater reports on the world of McDonald's. 1) The Brooklyn Eagle reported today that a McDonald's was opening in BoCoCa, on Smith Street. Sorry, Ronald, but our very reliable sources say this isn't the case. Standby for the true reveal on Racked; something much finer is happening here. 2) The Michael Shvo repped new development Gramercy By Starck, on 23rd Street between First and Second Aves, is getting a McDonald's. Rather, the neighborhood is getting its McD's back. Curbed commenters say that before Shvo broke ground, the fast food joint that had to make way for the cranes posted signs promising a return. Chicken McShvo, anyone? We're lovin' it? [EaterWire; Curbed]

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