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EaterWire AM Edition: Blair Perrone, Cipriani Downtown on Hiatus

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MIDTOWN EASTBlair Perrone, the venerable East Side Luger spawn is closed for unknown reason. The move seems temporary, but non-elective, involving a government agency of some kind. Color, until we know more: "You guys have any info on what's going on at the Blair Perrone steak house? They abruptly closed up shop on Saturday morning - curtains drawn, sign outside saying "closed for renovations." They wouldn't answer any questions." [EaterWIre Inbox]

SOHO—In an effort to keep up with its zero-star older brother to the north, Cipriani Downtown will be closed this week for renovations. From a regular: "Just got word from my buddy the maiterdee @ Cipriani Downtown they are closed starting today thru probably Thursday for a renovation. New floor and bar renovation." [EaterWire Inbox]

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