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EaterWire Deluxe Edition: Crosby Connection to Elizabeth, Jerry's to Tribeca, MePa Shenanigans!

Strap in for today's edition of EaterWire. Frankly, we've got more news coming at you here than we know what to do with.


SOHO/NOHO—Following last week's news that beloved hole-in-the-wall sandwich maker the Crosby Connection would soon be forced from its Crosby Street haunt, a special correspondent sends the above image, posted this afternoon. The signage confirms the rumor that owner Joey Cramarossa will migrate a few blocks northeast, where he'll join a block that includes Rice on Elizabeth and Tom & Jerry's. [EaterWire]

TRIBECA—More potential good news on the resuscitation front. Per a tipster, "Jerry Jospeh of Jerry's in Soho is opening his new concept at 90 Chambers [between Broadway/Church]. Gonna be a fast food Asian spot, I believe, called Your Asian. Def not high end, fast food and Chambers Street appropriate." Color this completely unconfirmed, but intriguing; true or not, if Joseph does get back in the game (as he's long promised he would), he's pretty much starting from scratch. [EaterWire Inbox]

MEATPACKING—Finally, file this one under, wow. A tipster emails, "Jeffrey Jah reopened The Inn LW12 this weekend for drinks only. The only signs of 'construction' were that beer lines/taps had been ripped out and POS systems replaced by a simple cash register. Bartenders were selling drinks on a 'cash only' basis and turning away customers showing up for dinner reservations with a lame story about 'problems with ConEd.' So shady." [EaterWire Inbox]

Crosby Connection

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