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The Shutter: Frank's Restaurant, 1912-2007

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Chelsea/MePa: Most of the way towards its 100th Birthday, Frank's Restaurant, a longtime MePa/NoMeat/Chelsea steakhouse has closed. According to someone manning the phones at the restaurant this morning, "we just couldn't make it." Though somewhat marginalized of late by dozens of newer, sometimes better, steakhouses, Frank's does have some history, especially in its pre-Chelsea Market days. Here's an excerpt from its 2006 pr materials:

At the start of the twentieth century, Frank’s was owned by Stephano Poggi, the father and grandfather of current owners, the Molinari Family, which includes Christopher, Gloria, James and Steven Molinari, and Regina Marks. From its original location in Manhattan’s “Meat Packing District,” Frank’s served breakfast and lunch to the local butchers, truckers, dock workers, and business people. After a number of years, dinner service was added and Frank’s reputation for providing New Yorkers with the best cuts of steak spread throughout the city and beyond...In 2005, Frank’s moved a half block from its original location on 10th Avenue and 15th Street to a center location in the active Chelsea Market on 16th Street.
For those looking for a bit more memorializing, here's a more complete history.

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