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2008_01_crosby.jpgCrosby Connection, a tiny but spectacular sandwich counter on Crosby and Bleecker Streets, may lose their lease, as soon as February 1: "Carved out of a literal hole in the wall is a spot in New York City that makes, hands down, the most delicious sandwiches. In that 45 square foot space (which costs $700/month), you’ll find Joey Cramarossa, a staple of SOHO’s lunch menu for the last 8+ years. That’s all about to change because he’s about to lose his lease on Feb 1, 2008...The man who delivers scrumptrulescent $6 sandwiches and free bottles of Poland Spring is being bullied out for the construction of?.well nothing." Update: "Joey Cramarossa is already in talks to secure a new, "real restaurant" just two blocks away. The space is now an Italian bakery next to Rice on Elizabeth Street. The hole in the wall location definitely gave this place character, but it will be nice to be able to sit down with a hot meatball sandwich if all goes well with the larger venture. Bottom line—don't get your panties in a bunch—Crosby Connection is down but certainly not out—and the buzz about their closing is only contributing to an unseasonably long line right now." [An Error...via SE; Gluttoness]

Crosby Connection

284 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

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