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Eater Inside Gone Wild: Chop Suey

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For an unmitigated shitshow, Chop Suey, the restaurant that is just now opening in the revamped Reniassaince Hotel in Times Square, really isn't half bad. First, why it's like a derailed freight train: 1) Both Zak Pelaccio and Will Goldfarb are consultants on the restaurant. Pelaccio will put his name on anything that comes to him with a five-figure handjob included. Goldfarb, well, yeah. Pelaccio, the consulting chef and the marquee name on all press materials, came dressed to the opening party last night as a civilian. Dude could have at least pretended he walked through the kitchen. In a month, neither chef will remember ever having had anything to do with this place—and then we'll get to see what's what. 2) Actually, just see number one.

But, it turns out this restaurant has one of the best views (above) of Times Square to be had and, though it is extremely early to call, their food offerings thus far seem straightforward and flavorful. Here's an instareview, from the inbox: "Went to Chop Suey for lunch today. Not serving the whole menu yet but what they did have was good. Had the scallion pancakes with a kind of pear jam/chutney. Then had the rock shrimp with slices of pork belly. Pork belly was cut very thin like proscuitto, didn't really affect the taste of the dish. Also had HK-style noodles w/ pork and red peppers. Still teething problems w/ service (our bottle of sparkling water came out warm) but a good overall first impression."

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