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Winter Vacation Update: 'inoteca, Mermaid Inn Return; Still Waiting on Westville

Here now, another check-in on three venues that have taken the opportunity of winter recess to pretty themselves anew.

1) 'inoteca has reopened. From GM David Massoni: "Our week went as planned and all projects were completed on time. Our most exciting change to the space is that we have added a second temperature controlled wine room to our Cantina space that features a small tasting table. Thank you for the support we look forward to opening some fantastic bottles of Vino with you in 2008." [EaterWire]

2) Mermaid Inn South, on Second Avenue, is back as well. "We open at 5 PM," says the operator currently manning the phones.

3) Regarding Westville, the winter closing perhaps most tenuous of all, the restaurant is still closed. Ground report from yesterday: "Hi - I'm the person who originally emailed you about Westville being closed. Your last update was Jan. 11 and they told you they'd be open Jan 15 or 16. Still closed. Yesterday, plumbing company trucks. Today, I peeked in the window and there were workmen inside, the whole place looked under renovation - it looked almost gutted. What's the deal? You have to get suspicious when they keep moving the date or give you bogus info." Suspicious, sure, but we're keeping it together at HQ. There is a new lease on file, after all. But, indeed, we're waiting.
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