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BREAKING: Dept. of Health Wins, Pies 'n' Thighs Closing Tomorrow


Peter Meehan, making a rare but dramatic appearance on the Bruniblog, reports that Williamsburg barbecue darling Pies 'n' Thighs will close tomorrow. In November, the joint had a nasty run-in with the Department of Health, forcing them to shut down their illegal smoker. This, Meehan notes, led to today's news:

Pies ‘n’ Thighs, home to the finest pulled pork sandwich in New York City and an estimable bastion of down home dessert goodness, is closing. Tomorrow.

The reason isn’t particularly dramatic –– some kind mess involving permits and the Department of Health that would take a mound of cash or a lot of bureaucratic wrangling to sort out, according to Sarah Buck, one of the restaurant’s owners.

“It was just too scary to think they would come and put a sticker on our door and close us,” said Ms. Buck, who said it’s been a sad last few weeks at the restaurant. Leaving their customers behind isn’t easy, but the loss of the space –– which, despite the charm of the wainscoting, cracked tile floor and the shelf of well worn cookbooks, is about the size of a deluxe prison cell and attached to the anything-goes Rock Star Bar –– hurts the worst. Ms. Buck said her partners Caroline Bane and Erika Geldzahler were proud of “making it work in a space that seemed impossible.”

Seemed impossible, or, reveal time, was impossible?

In any event, those close to the restaurant will want to note, there is a closing party planned for tomorrow, after which time Buck & Co. will attempt to reopen the venue elsewhere. Promise the owners, via their website, "We are going on hiatus to build a bigger, better, more miraculous hole in the wall!"
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