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The Shutter: PM Calls it a Night

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Noah Kalina

While the Meatpacking club PM is currently serving a month-long suspension of their liquor license, word comes in today that closure of the club may be significantly more final. From a reliable inbox source:

The club once manned by brothers Kyky and Unik is no longer. Rumor has it that Kyky, Unik and Dimitri were bought out by major partner Adam Hock of Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas fame and of Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Midtown. The club phone number is being manned by a women saying "50 Ganesvoort" and she states upfront that she is strictly taking messages and forwarding them on to the powers that be. Looks to me like the club just skated through xmas and owes alot of people money.
· Liquor Authority Shuts Down PM Lounge [~E~]