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EaterWire: Death & Co. Gets Four Month Stay, Blue Seats Deathwatching

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EAST VILLAGE—Cutlets reports that Death & Co.— victimized by the same kinds of completely insane neighbors that dropped the hammer on E.U., keeping them from getting a liquor license for the better part of a year—has four months to live, at least: "Owner Dave Kaplan confirms that cops visited Death to drop off a summons after an upstairs neighbor complained about the noise from the door opening and closing. (Kaplan says it has been inspected more than fifteen times and has multiple certificates indicating an okay from the Department of Buildings.) Long and short of it: Nothing to see here. Meanwhile Kaplan also says that the SLA’s licensing director has told him the place can stay open for another four months while it sorts out its issues with the authority." [Cutlets]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Though we have reports that it was open on Sunday, and respectably full, the photo above depicts the situation at Blue Seats on this Friday night past. Color commentary: "Private parties don't usually happen behind metal shutters..." [EaterWire Inbox]

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