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Eater Inside: Bar Blanc

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Kalina, 1/9/08

Bar Blanc is located at 142 West 10th Street, which is an address you may know from its previous incarnations, such as Merge, Marco, The Place on West 10th, or others that have hung a sign outside and tried to quell the demons of this cursed space. The team trying to do it this time is three Bouley alums, led by chef César Ramirez. Ramirez is a longtime apprentice of David Bouley, so you can be sure his technique and philosophy are quite proper. Early exit polls suggest very interesting, and a tad precious (ie. lettuce water), cuisine and a perfectly nice dining room. The price point—$14-18 apps; $28 pasta—is too high for this to be a neighborhood play, so they'll live or die by the Bruni. With a deuce, the curse of 142 West 10th could be lifted; without it, they've got 9-12 months.

Further reading on the opening.

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