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Deathwatching: HQ Bistro Knock-Knock-Knockin'

A trusted Soho correspondent alerted us to the precarious state of HQ, the neighborhood bistro on Thompson Street that its neighborhood never embraced as their own. It opened in October 2005 and found itself on the Deathwatch in June 2006 (for a time we granted it a reprive, almost exactly one year ago). We'll issue the paperwork under seperate cover, pending an official confirm, but there's not much more to see here. Exhibit A: The last thing you want to see on January 10th is a 'Closed for the Holidays/Merry Christmas' sign still hanging in the door (above). Exhibit B: Our correspondent notes, "HQ bistro is definitely closed. They haven't opened since xmas, and my super has been showing the place to new people."
· Deathwatch: HQ [~E~]

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