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Deathwatch: BarFry

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The truth is that by the time a restaurant resorts to happy hour deals that involve free food the Deathwatch really becomes us simply stating the obvious. But we could also have chef and BarFry face Josh DeChellis do it himself. This here's taken from an official press release, just out the door:

This week, BarFry introduces the city's most delicious and inviting twist on happy hour. From 4 – 6, they will be serving a whimsical sampling of Chef Josh DeChellis' Japanese-inspired savories to anyone sitting at the bar with a drink. Coining them BarBites, these bite-sized bar snacks are DeChellis' nod to traditional Spanish tapas or Venetian Cichetti and they will served free of charge to drinkers. The happiness continues late-night, with a second round of drink specials and BarBites served from 11 – close...

Other BarFry highlights include a bar-trough which has been built into their 30 ft bar. The stainless steel, ice-filled tray is meant to keep drinks chilled whilst snacking, and can accommodate both cocktail glasses and full bottles of wine or liquor. And making for fun cocktail-fueled antics, are the bar's chalkboard-walled bathrooms - so you can send secret messages to your drinking buddies.

The awkward hours of this promotion aside, and the fact that BarFry definitely didn't get its liquor license by promising an 11 PM happy hour, it's just too little, too late. We do believe that DeChellis might ultimately succeed at 54 Carmine, but it's going to take an overhaul. The people won't support a proper restaurant at which they can only get fried food—or where that's the perceived proposition. Over/under on material changes, such as the whole place becomming a bar: September 2008

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