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Good News/Bad News: Picnick

[Eater Phoo Pool/Dennisandluba]

Picnick, Will Goldfarb's green Battery Park food shack opened to the public a whopping four days ago. It's early, to be sure, but this is the information age. Already, it seems we have two verdicts on how the dessert man's sequel to Room 4 Dessert is going. He'll pull it together, we predict. But here now, the good news and the bad news (not in that order).

1) Bad News: "Stopped by on Wednesday for the prosciutto-and-cheese sandwich, a lemonade and a chocolate cookie ($16 for the pleasure). Only the lemonade was okay, barely. The sandwich was atrocious: pre-made, pre-packed, soggy and dry at the samer time, too much bread, real stingy with the meat and generally lacking any imagination. I mean, it was like a sandwich you make after raiding your own fridge for leftovers, and even then you'd probably bother to put some basic tapenade or sauce in there. The cookie - a chocolate cookie! from Goldfarb! - was a disaster. Two bites and into the trash it went. [Eater Comments]

2) Good News: "Finally had the chicken today (arrived a few minutes after noon). Will mentioned that they had made twice as much as before, so hopefully the supply issues will start to sort themselves out. It was very good, maybe not quite as good as the tuna, probably a bit better than the pork. For some reason, I'm not as fond of the ham and cheese, though my wife liked it the most...Soda for the day - lemon verbena. Really refreshing. Not as transcendent as the peach, but I don't know what could be (the peach is really that insanely good)." [eGullet]

3) Bad News: "After all the hype about picnick and viewing their menu about 3 times a day and sending meeting requests, I took the walk over to finally get my heritage "pork n' roll." I walked up excitedly and waited on line while the girl in front of me asked for 3 chicken clubs and was told they were sold out. I got nervous and chimed in, "what about the pork sandwich?" Was told no and how amazing they were in case the chicken clubber wanted an alternative. I believe the word used was "awesome." I ordered three. They were smaller than I expected after checking out those great pics of sandwiches on the site, so I ordered a cookie as well, to go along with my awesome sandwich. When I got back to the office and excitedly opened my smaller than expected sandwich, and took a bite, well, let me say, awesome was not the word I would have used. Bread was chewy and my jaw still hurts from eating it. My other colleague has just said "that sandwich ended up costing me more than $10. One of my braces broke trying to eat it." The cole slaw (the little that was on) was ehh, crisp, but not enough flavor. And the keeper. There was a bone in my pork. Ow. [Eater Complaints Dept.]